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Storage & freezing

Why is it strongly recommended to freeze natural products before offering them to your little one(s)?
All our products are 100% natural and have been grown in fields and greenhouses in France, without pesticides or GMOs. For us, the origin of our products is the most important thing, to be sure that they do not contain any harmful chemicals for small animals. They were then picked and carefully cleaned to let them dry naturally without a machine, on wooden trays with wire mesh (traditional drying), which means that you are buying products that have been in contact with wildlife. Know that before being put on sale our products are regularly checked and stored with care and hygiene. But It is important to be aware that the risk of insects is possible, the chance of beetles, moths, weevils and other small insects in the products is slightly higher because our products grown without pesticides. That is why we advise you to freeze the products to get rid of any possible contamination.

How to freeze the products?
Please put the mixes (flowers/foliage/treat mixes) in several freezer bags (with zip) in the freezer for 48-72 hours, just long enough to kill insects/larvae. When you take the freezer bags out of the freezer, it is important to leave it tightly closed for another 24 hours, so that the products thaw without condensation, to prevent the formation of mold due to the humidity.

How to store the products properly?
We advise you to use glass jars or airtight containers, the important thing is to have hermetic lids, and perfectly labeled (indicate the expiry date) the indication of the expiry date allows a better management of your stock! Place your airtight containers in a dry place, away from light and humidity. 
Important: Regarding  vegetables, seeds and other treats, it is important to avoid mixing your old mixes with the new ones you receive, so as not to distort the expiry date, this could cause mold problems and therefore proliferation of insects. Tip: you can use another airtight jar or it is quite possible to leave your new mixes in the freezer a week while waiting to finish the old mix.

Additional information:
Our products must keep the same appearance, the same color and a good fragrance identical to that of the day you received them. Generally the flowers can be kept for 1 year, the leaves and herbs 18 months, the bark/roots 2 to 3 years. And our treat mixes (with vegetables/seeds) 6 months.