Tiny flowers shop

About us

Tiny Flowers Shop is a small business opened on September 21, 2020 based in France. We started this small business to encourage people with small animals to provide them with proper care. A suitable, balanced and healthy diet plays an important part in the health of all animals. Flowers,  herbs and vegetables contain plenty of essential vitamins and minerals for your little companions. These should be included in the diet of small animals, in small amounts for a good nutritional balance.

We offer natural products and handcrafted accessories for small animals. Our limited edition themed boxes contain many products such as flowers mixes,  foliage mixes, natural enrichments, dried vegetables and fruits, seeds mixes, homemade cookies. Your packages are prepared with care and love in our house.


• All our vegetables and fruits are selected from our local farmers, some are dried and dehydrated by us in our house.

• Our flowers, herbs and foliage are picked by us or carefully selected from our herbalist friends and are dried on our wooden dryers. For a year and a half, we have had our own garden. We are pleased to be able to grow certain flowers and herbs available in our homemade mixes.

• All of our products are pesticide-free, GMO-free and organic. We attach great importance to 100% natural and safe products. In department stores, there are a lot of bad products that are made up of chemicals and/or made up of waste, balanced products adapted to different species of hamsters are almost non-existent in pet stores and department stores. There compositions of industrial treats are always very bad, and contain too much sugar. We are committed to offering you natural products adapted to the well-being of your small animals, taking into account their species and their needs. We also make mixes suitable for hamsters prone to diabetes.

• Respectful of the environment, we do not use plastic for our packaging. We only use biodegradable and reusable packaging (paper bag, cardboard box, fabric bag).

Thank you for reading, we hope you find what you want in our online store to satisfy your little ones, and that they will enjoy them!

Thank you once again for your support and for encouraging small businesses to thrive.

Tiny Flowers Shop ❤︎