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« The Christmas Box »

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The limited edition Christmas box

The CHRISTMAS BOX contains:

•The Christmas Elf foliage mix ( flowers+leaves) 60g
•The organic Christmas Meal , mix of vegetables and seeds 30g
• The Christmas cookies ( santa claus shape)
• The Santa's sleigh , wooden sleigh , DIY hideout for enclosure.
• 1 wooden chew toy
• 1 Garland for the enclosure
• 1 surprise box which will contain 5 surprises - it's more fun to keep it a secret ! You will discover the gifts when you receive it - the surprise box contains gifts for your pet, also gifts for the owner.


The Christmas Elf foliage mix contains:
• Calendula flower
• Chamomile flower
• Red Rose flower
• Hibiscus flower
• Sunflower petals
• Blue and pink cornflower
• Hazel leaf
• Peppermint
• Apple leaf
• Echinacea leaf
• Birch leaf

The Christmas Meal contains :
•Hazel leaf stalk
•Blueberry leaf
•Pumpkin seed
• Sunflower seed
•Pea flakes
•Mallow flower
•Puffed rice
*+ Mealworm option available

Note: The family of vegetables and fruits provides micronutrients essential for balance: vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

The Christmas cookie contains :
buckwheat flour + pumpkin seed + walnut
It must be broken into pieces, to give a piece from time to time - keep it in an airtight container

The Wooden sleigh can be safely put in the enclosure it is made of untreated birch wood and safe paint.

The chew toy made by us. Can be put in the enclosure. Untreated birch wood beads, safe paint, linen thread.

The garland - stars - can be installed anywhere you want to decorate the enclosure, but in no case chewed by your little one, please hang it high!
-glossy cardboard garland-

☞︎ 100% organic , pesticides free, GMO free
☞︎ It’s important to diversify and balance the diet of your little ones.
☞︎ to give in a small amount.
☞︎ Store in a place at room temperature, in an airtight container or a glass jar.

Suitable for hamster, mice and gerbil 🎄