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The Valentine Day's Box

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"The valentine day's box" '

Our Valentine day’s Box contains:
•The Meadow mix (60g)
Mix of leaves, branches, stems and flowers.
Roses, cornflowers, echinacea leaves and stems, celery and parsley stalks, mallows, sunflower petals, calendulas, apricot leaves, birch leaves, apple leaves, lavender, narrow plantain leaves.

•The seasonal treats mix (30g)
Mix of vegetables, seeds and cereals.
Broad beans, pea flakes, dried celery, puffed rice, melon seeds, puffed amaranth, puffed spelt, dried green bell peppers, dried pumpkin, dried broccoli, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, dandelion roots.

•The daisy and rose cookies (2pcs :1 daisy + 1 rose)
Ingredients: buckwheat flour, pine nuts.

•The valentine hideout (1pcs)
Our wooden hideout is handmade by us, from cutting wood to gluing it. The material is 100% safe. This accessory is perfect for giving a cute touch to your little ones' enclosure!

Entrances: 7.5cm
Height: 7.5cm
Size: 14x14cm

Material: non-toxic glue solvent-free, water-based, birch wood, beech wood & cork.

The size is suitable for dwarf hamster or a syrian hamster.

•The chew mix
Contains: 1 flower palm, 5 pieces of loofah flavored beetroots, a hint of hay, 5 tiny dandelion roots, 5 hearts birch bark, 5 hazelnuts.

•The valentine day's bouquet
Contains forget-me-not flowers (myosotis), everlasting flowers ( the strawflower xerochrysum bracteatum) and oat sprays.

•The tiny glass jar with cookies.
Contains 5 heart cookies with approximately 10g of rose and jasmine flower.