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« The Valentine Box »

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“ The Valentines box “ contains :
• 60g of " Love is in the air “
flowers and leaves mix
• 20g of "The Candle Light Dinner vegetables mix
• 1 piece "The Lovers biscuit”
• Heart-shaped glass jar ”The love potion”
•The Fairy wooden door - accessory (for inside or outside the enclosure safe for rodents, 4mm thick, size 10x9cm)
•The Heart-shaped cork - accessory (4 mm thick , size 10x10cm)
•The pills of love - 3 pills 💊
3 pills containing a message of love or a compliment about rodents
•Happy Valentine’s Day card - with a scratching game
• Tiny bag of dandelion roots
• Tiny keys with wings for the fairy of love.


• " Love is in the air “ flowers and leaves mix : blue cornflower, red cornflower, violet mallow flower, sunflower petals and chamomile, light rose petals, blackcurrant leaves , birch leaves, echinacea leaves, narrow plantain

• "The Candle Light Dinner " vegetables mix : dried pumpkin, dried cucumber, puffed rice, pea flakes, dried parsnip, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed, dried green bell pepper ,echinacea leaf, birch leaf, heather, light rose petals

• "The Lovers biscuit”: buckwheat flour, mealworm, canary seed, cashew nuts, light rose petal - size 4x4cm

•”The love potion” filed with tiny cookies : nuts , wheat flour, colored with beet extract, for the pink color + spelled grain
Heart-shaped glass jar : 4x3cm - Tiny biscuits : 3 pieces, size 5mm


• The pills ( from the pills of love ) are unsafe for rodents, do not give them. It's only a goodies for human.

• The heart-shaped Cork can be put in the enclosure. It's safe for rodents. You can use it as a decoration.

• The small Fairy wooden doors may have small defects. But it's still very pretty.

• Possibility of painting the small doors with paint to personalize your door as desired (children's paint is safe for rodents)

• The Fairy wooden door can be put in the enclosure. It's safe for rodents.


• The family of vegetables and fruits provides micronutrients essential for balance: vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

• All our products are 100% organic , pesticides free, GMO free.

☞︎ 100% organic , pesticides free, GMO free
☞︎ It’s important to diversify and balance the diet of your little ones.
☞︎ to give in a small amount.
☞︎ Store in a place at room temperature, in an airtight container or a glass jar.