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The Tiny Ceramic Vase

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"The tiny ceramic vase"

Our pretty little ceramic vase will be perfect for all kinds of natural sprays! Pretty look guaranteed for your little one's enclosure!

1 pcs (choose the color option)
* flowers are not included. You will receive the ceramic vase only.

Material :
Ceramic size : 9x5cm entrance: 1.4cm

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Our ceramic vase will come with an instruction manual, it will be recommended to fill the ceramic vase with sand bath / natural moss to avoid any potential accident even if the hole remains extremely small and will be filled with spray, it is very important to take precautions if by bad luck the hamster tries to get inside! By filling the vase to the top, it will be impossible for your hamster to fit his/her tiny head in it. And this will allow your sprays to be well maintained, everything will be indicated in your instruction manual 📖.