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The Leaves Mix

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"The Leaves Mix"

Ingredients: Strawberry leaves, apple leaves, narrow plantain leaves, echinacea leaves, birch leaves, blackcurrant leaves, blueberry leaves, hazel leaves, nettle leaves, apricot leaves.

The flowers and leaves are part of the hamster’s staple diet. They contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals for our little companions.

All of our blends are created by us in our house.They must be offered in addition to a balanced diet adapted to the species of your little one(s).
Our products are selected with care, to know the exact origin of our products, some are dried by ourselves, others come from our herbalist friends , which have their own drying workshop, all products are dried naturally, without a machine.

☞︎ 100% organic, pesticides free, GMO free
☞︎ It’s important to diversify and balance the diet of your little ones.
☞︎ Sprinkle in a small amount.
☞︎ Store in a place at room temperature, in an airtight container or a glass jar.

Suitable for all rodents & rabbits