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The Christmas Menu

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"The Christmas Menu"

Dried green bell pepper, dried brocoli, pea flakes, dried pumpkin, dried zucchini, black lentil, broad bean, puffed amaranth, melon seed, selery stalk, strawberry leaf apple leaf, echinacea leaf, blueberry leaf
nettle, spinach leaf, and pink cornflower petal.

Vegetables, seeds & herbs provide essential micronutrients for balance of your little one(s): vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, vegetable proteins.

☞︎ 100% organic , pesticides free, GMO free
☞︎ It’s important to diversify and balance the diet of your little ones.
☞︎ to be given in a small amount, in addition to a main diet.
☞︎ Store in a place at room temperature, in an airtight container or a glass jar.

Suitable for hamster, mice