The Natural Boredom breaker

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"The Natural boredom breaker"

A small piece of birch wood covered with seeds, vegetables and herbs, to spoil your little one(s)!

2 pieces
Size: ~4x4cm

Black lentil, yellow millet, red millet, canary seed, white millet, pea flakes, barley flakes, oat flakes, paddy seed, melon seed, raspberry leaves, parsley stems, pink cornflower petal, birch wood, buckwheat flour.

☞︎ 100% organic , pesticides free, GMO free
☞︎ It’s important to diversify and balance the diet of your little ones.
☞︎ It’s a treat so be careful and only give it to your little ones from time to time to please them! all treats should be eaten sparingly.
☞︎ Store in a place at room temperature, in an airtight container or a glass jar.

Suitable for hamster