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Mutual aid, respect, benevolence and well-being of animals are our watchwords, which is why it is important to us to highlight associations that help animals in need.

• We took the initiative to offer our help to the association
"La tribu des hamsters" acts to help hamsters in need: abandoned, injured, sick, in France, they have no shelter and therefore work with the help of host families.

• We had the idea of ​​putting a small bag online containing a random mix of Treats, at 1 euro. this will allow you to help an association easily: 1 bag added to your order is equivalent to a donation of 1 euro to "La Tribu des hamsters".
The pot collected via your orders will be donated to them each month.

• We have also committed to sending a package every 3 months to one of their host families, containing treats, flower mixes and accessories from our old collection.

" La TRIBU DES HAMSTERS " and us thanks you in advance for the precious help that you will bring them.

Friendly reminder:
Associations around the world need the help of all of us. Do not hesitate to find out about the associations in your country, to support them: make a donation to them or offer them accessories for hamsters that you do not use, any help is welcome, to save hamsters in need and to pay part of the veterinary bills when rescuing abused or sick hamsters. We advise anyone wishing to become the owner of a hamster to first contact an association or a shelter. Too many hamsters are abandoned or born from unwanted litters each year and associations are unfortunately overwhelmed. that's why think about adoption first if you want to welcome a new member to your family.

Our past actions:

We have already helped associations before:
• July 2021, Our "Save the Bee Box", a percentage donated to the association: "Terre d'abeille", to help pollinators. We also sponsored a hive, to contribute to the repopulation of bee colonies “Apis mellifica” which is essential for our environment.
• June 2021, Our "Pride box". a percentage donated to the association "Arc En Ciel", an LGBT association which brings together lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, friendly and heterosexual people and associations.
• June 2021, Our “No Racism No Hate Box”. a percentage donated to the association: "SOS Racisme Toulouse Métropole" fights against racial discrimination and acts of racism and anti-Semitism.

This little bag contains about 10g of treats suitable for hamster, mice, rat, gerbil.